Table 1

Model parameters

VariableData sourceValue
Own-price elasticityCigarettes: LIC, LMIC, UMICAuthors’ assumptions based on International Agency for Research on Cancer44–0.5
Cigarettes: HIC–0.4
Relative risk of all-cause mortalityCigarette smokerAuthors’ assumptions based on multiple sources (see table A3 in online supplementary appendix)2.2
Former smokerAuthors’ assumption based on Doll et al28See figure 4 in Doll et al28
Own-price elasticityAlcohol: LIC, LMIC, UMICAuthors’ assumption based on Nelson45–0.65
Relative risk of all-cause mortalityDaily consumption of grams of pure alcoholAuthors’ estimates based on Grisworld et al46See figure A2 in online supplementary appendix
Sugar-sweetened beverages
Own-price elasticitySugar-sweetened beveragesAuthors’ estimates based on Cabrera Escobar et al5–1.2
Relative risk of all-cause mortalityBody mass indexAuthors’ estimates based on Aune et al47See figure A3 in online supplementary appendix
  • HIC, high-income country; LIC, low-income country; LMIC, lower middle-income country; UMIC, upper middle-income country.