Table 3

Use of information results of quantitative and mixed methods observational studies

IDReferenceQuantitative resultsQualitative findings
71Udezi et al 19 Most used (midpoint=3.5): Index of Essential MedicinesMean: 4.97SD: 1.67Most used: British National FormularyMean: 4.91SD: 1.72Most used: booksMean: 4.4SD: 1.87n=58NA
127Anasi et al 30 Several times a day search the internet for medicine infon=4640%Once a day or fewer search the internet for medicine infon=6153%Never search the internet for medicine infon=87%n=115NA
76Wabe et al 20 Most used: leafletsn=4672%Most used: booksn=4063%Most used: formularies and guidelinesn=1117%n=64NA
113Asmelashe Gelayee et al 21 Most used (sometimes and always combined): booksn=4798%Most used: internetn=4696%Most used: national guidelinesn=4594%n=48NA
74Usanga et al 24 Use of internet for practicen=2861%Most used: Googlen=2350%Most used: WHO drug informationn=37%n=46NA
107Kamuhabwa and Kisoma22 Routinely search for info to guide prescribingn=17591%Most used: booksn=12364%Most used: internetn=12163%n=192NA
31Rusatira et al 31 Most used: smartphone for information checkn=6769%Daily internet searchn=5860%Not satisfied with use of Ministry of Health guidelinesn=5557%n=97‘When interacting with patients, Medscape (preferred by 4 doctors) and UpToDate (preferred by 3 doctors) are the most preferred apps for quick information access. Medscape has an edge over UpToDate partly because it can be accessed offline with limited features whereas UpToDate requires Internet connectivity, which makes it undesirable when on the field mentoring patients.’
95Graham et al 29 Use flip chart job aid in % of consultationsn=13425%Use sick child reporting form in % of consultationsn=17733%n=537‘Although the low utilisation of these tools may be due to the presence of the observer, these data could suggest that the community health workers are confident in their ability to recall the diagnostic algorithm and danger signs, given the high level of adherence to the guidelines.’
21Samiak and Vince23 Use standard treatment book to check dosesn=9792%Use book every dayn=7369%Use book for all patientsn=2725%n=106‘Reported reasons for not using the book included: confidence in management without the book, taking too much time, too busy, too many steps to follow, ashamed to use the book in front of patients and finding it hard to use.’
  • NA, not applicable.