Table 1

Summary of characteristics of included studies (n=157)

Geographic region *n
 Sub-Saharan Africa65
 Middle East and North Africa36
 Europe and Central Asia26
 South Asia20
 East Asia and Pacific10
 Latin America and the Caribbean2
Publication typen
 Observational study57
 Non-research report53
 Randomised controlled trial29
 Non-randomised controlled trial10
 Qualitative study7
 Mixed methods1
Target population type†n
 All/general population77
 Adolescents (10–19 years)59
 Children (13 months–9 years)39
 All women26
Displacement status of beneficiary population†n
Setting of displaced populationsn
  • *World Bank Regions.

  • †Individual publications may contribute to multiple categories.

  • IDP, internally displace person.