Table 2

Programme resource needs (RN) projected estimates 2017–203029

All SEARIncreased programme diagnosis costIncreased programme treatment costIncreased total programme costsTotal RN*: increased programme+base costs
US$ millions baseline (8432)US$ millionsUS$ millionsUS$ millionsUS$ millions
Enhanced facility operations (EFO)
+Private sector engagement (PSE)1261.4683.41944.810 376.9
+Laboratory expansion (LE), PSE1164.7849.52014.210 446.2
+New diagnostics (ND), PSE, LE3463.34635.58098.816 530.9
+National TB Programme (NTP) treatment, PSE, LE, ND2832.74475.37307.915 740.0
Enhanced community operations+EFO
+Contact tracing (CT), PSE, LE, ND, NTP6528.04421.010 949.019 381.0
+Community referral (CR), PSE, LE, ND, NTP, CT13 775.74322.118 097.826 529.9
+Preventive therapy, Tuberculin Skin Test (TST), PSE, LE, ND, NTP, CT, CR0614.918 712.727 144.8
  • *RN in this column is the total of projected baseline costs based on current trend of expenditures and the increased needs for implementation of enhanced service packages.

  • SEAR, Southeast Asia Region.