Table 1

Recommended elements for reporting of global health research that has used design

ItemPaper sectionTopic/descriptor
1Title and abstractTitle should indicate that the study included a design approach. Abstract summarises the salient components, including background, statement of problem, approach/methods, findings, results and conclusion.
2Introduction/backgroundOverview of the background to the topic, what has been done in the area already and rationale for using design. Description of the initial research question or health problem that the design-based work aimed to address.
3Methods/approachReporting of the approach, tools or processes that were used for the research; who was involved (both researchers and participants); when and where research was conducted; how data were reviewed, analysed and synthesised; and iteration.
4Results/findings from design research and activitiesSummary of findings from design activities. Explanation of what was finally designed and what the associated decision-making points were, and (if available) impact. Report on any secondary or ancillary results.
5DiscussionReflection on the incorporation of design to this research topic, including but not limited to strengths, limitations and contribution.
6ConclusionImplications of this work for the larger fields of health and design, and any next steps.
7OtherEthical considerations, relevant acknowledgements of conflict of interest, funding, and contributorship of authors, designers, stakeholders and participants.