Table 3

Suggested activities/workshops for a surgathon

Pitching your idea
Leader: suitable faculty member
‘The marshmallow challenge’
Leader: any suitable
Design thinking workshop
Leader: faculty member or invited guest
DescriptionVolunteer students practice three types of pitching:
  1. Themed: pitch a product, service or concept

  2. Speed: pitch in 2 min, 1 min or 30 s

  3. Style: speak with a logical, emotional or persuasive tone

Teams of 6 7 work on this specific challenge involving height and a marshmallow with constrained resources and timeA discussion-based workshop on the core principles of design thinking and solution-making with an audience in mind
Encourages students to condense their ideas into an impactful narrative. Skills in public speaking and communication directly apply to entrepreneurshipLearn about internal team dynamics and practice adopting ‘out of the box’ thinking when faced with a challengeMotivate students to think about how to frame their problem and understanding the human behaviour that drives it