Table 1

Suggested key lectures for a surgathon

Surgathon lectures
Global surgeryEthicsInnovation
‘Surgery Systems: Global & National Level’
Lecturer: SAO* Faculty
  • Define a health system

  • Describe the need for global surgery†

  • Overview of the key concepts around surgical capacity, domains of a health system and prevalent challenges

‘Why Innovate for Impact?’
Lecturer: any suitable
  • Define meaningful impact

  • Provide examples of solutions that have uplifted communities

  • Frame resource constraints as opportunities

‘What is Innovation?’
Lecturer: entrepreneur in healthcare
  • Define the innovation process

  • Introduce emerging trends and challenges in healthcare innovation in the country

  • Discuss digital health and material science

‘The Need for Surgery in (country)’
Lecturer: SAO* Faculty
  • Contextualise the national and local challenges

  • Discuss rural versus urban setting challenges in surgical care

How We Built _____’
( Case Study)
Lecturer: invited business/start-up leader
  • Presentation on how this leader moved from prototyping to implementation

  • Emphasis on how the individual navigated the local contexts

‘Applying the Innovation Process to a Challenge’
(Case Study)
Lecturer: faculty and/or entrepreneur
  • Discuss how a team moved from problem to solution

  • Interactive question and answer session that focuses on resource optimisation

  • *Surgeon, anaesthesiologist or obstetrician.

  • †Source: Meara, et al. 1