Table 2

Characteristics of interview respondents

Characteristics of respondentsNumberDetails
Doctors in clinical practice23Including 20 specialists (gynaecology, orthopaedics, urology, pathology, paediatrics); two general practitioners; one general medicine.
Years of experience: <10 years: 2; 10–19 years: 5; 20–29 years: 9; 30+ years: 7.
Including 11 current/former owners of a small-medium sized facility
Nurse1Working in a corporate hospital
Administrator/managers in private hospitals11Including CEO and mid-level managers in corporate hospitals, and an insurance company administrator
Senior government ex-officials2Responsibility for government health services; government insurance schemes
Patients of private sector services5Including representatives from patient fora in Mumbai and Pune
Academic1Expert on region’s health systems
Total respondents43Male 31; female 12
For those working in healthcare facilities, main base institution: corporate hospital 13; charitable trust hospital 8; small-medium sized private facility 12