Table 1

Summary of available study characteristics, n=218

Average valuePer cent of studies not reporting demographic
Mean age (years) of patients included*31.145.9
Per cent of studies in tertiary centres55.50.0
Per cent <14 years old18.542.7
Per cent female52.98.3
Per cent people living with HIV21.836.2
Per cent DR-TB27.930.3
Per cent treated in the private sector7.60.5
Per cent re-treated33.748.6
Per cent EPTB49.518.3
Per cent smear positive54.760.1
Per cent microbiologically diagnosed87.664.2
Per cent receiving DST85.875.7
  • *Some studies reported median ages which are included in this average.

  • DR-TB, drug-resistant TB; DST, drug sensitivity testing; EPTB, extrapulmonary TB; TB, tuberculosis.