Table 3

Characteristics of injuries obtained in road traffic crashes

Patients (n)Percentage
Injury pattern
 Head injury315
 Facial injuries276
 Chest injuries379
 Abdominal injuries219
 Spine and pelvic injuries217
 Limb injuries810
In-hospital treatment
 Oral medications and discharge22916.0
 Wound cleaning and dressing38728.0
 Fracture stabilisation41730.0
Hospital length of stay
 <1 day48435.5
 2–5 days61546.4
 5–7 days1098.2
 >1 week1188.9
Disability post road traffic accident
 No issue with job14717.2
 Could not work for some period60370.6
 Could not continue current job8710.2
 Medically unfit to work161.9