Table 1

Key indicators of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (country medians), 33 countries with most recent DHS since 2010*, sub-Saharan Africa by subregion

Eastern and Southern AfricaWest and Central AfricaSub-Saharan Africa
Median age at first sex (years)18.118.416.918.917.418.4
Median age at first marriage (years)19.624.519.325.719.424.9
Median age at first birth (years)20.2---19.8----19.9----
Family planning coverage, married women 15–19 years (%)55.6---20.1---29.3----
Family planning coverage, sexually active single women 15–19 years (%)50.1---33.6---43.3---
HIV prevalence, 15–19 years (%)
Condom use at last sex with non-regular partner, 15–19 years (%)
  • Number of surveys for HIV prevalence obtained from DHS and other national surveys with HIV testing for 32 countries; Family planning coverage is defined as demand for family planning satisfied with modern methods of contraception, taking into account contraceptive prevalence and unmet need; median age at first sex, marriage and birth obtained from men and women aged 25–29.

  • *Number of countries is number of surveys used to compute summary measure of respective indicators.

  • †Median age at first marriage among men aged 30–34 was used to impute if median exceeded 25 years.

  • DHS, Demographic and Health Survey.