Table 5

Effect of the Learner Treatment Kit (LTK) intervention on child-reported well-being during June–July 2014 for study children

Secondary outcomesControl (n*=29)Intervention (n*=29)UnadjustedAdjusted
n days%n days%OR† (95% CI)P valueOR† (95% CI)P value
Child-reported well-being‡
Embedded Imagewell11 36872.1611 73175.330.86 (0.56 to 1.30)§0.4710.85 (0.57 to 1.25)§0.398
Embedded Imageaverage310919.73263416.91
Embedded Imagenot well12778.1112077.75
  • Unadjusted All children with outcome measures, not adjusted for any demographic or study design characteristics.

  • Adjusted for age, sex, school size and school programmes considered in stratification and for school flooding in January 2015.

  • *Number of schools

  • †Standard errors adjusted for clustering within schools.

  • ‡There are up to 33 repeated measurements per child; one control cluster has no observations.

  • §Proportional OR.