Table 6

Essential newborn care infection prevention steps observed during labour and delivery at mentored and non-mentored PHCs

NControlNMentored: <3 monthsNMentored: 1+yearP value
Provider checked for cord around the neck of newborn799.231825.54139.9<0.001
Newborn immediately placed on the mother’s abdomen after birth7978.631993.141393.90.0007
Newborn assessed for breathing-crying at birth7977.131990.041384.50.0293
Newborn dried using a clean towel or cloth after birth7991.331995.041388.60.0247
Newborn covered using fresh towel or cloth7923.031955.541332.3<0.001
Cord checked for pulsation before clamping7916.031948.941326.0<0.001
Cord clamped and cut with sterile scissor/blade after waiting for 3 min ?760.131519.44121.2<0.001
Newborn's eyes wiped with sterile wet gauze790.031915.44130.5<0.001
Skin to skin care initiated after birth792.231918.54125.3<0.001
Newborn weighed just after delivery7981.231981.841384.00.8361