Table 3

Labour progress monitoring and management of second and third stages of labour at mentored and non-mentored PHCs

<3 months
P value
Contractions assessed by placing hand on woman’s abdomen for 10 min800.03193.44140.00.0941
Pulse assessed800.13196.34142.90.0032
Temperature assessed800.03190.64140.20.5942
Blood pressure assessed809.631910.74145.80.1056
Support provided to perineum during delivery of head8040.031960.241449.20.0450
Checked for presence of second twin807.53197.24141.50.0205
Uterotonic administered within 1 min of birth806.531943.941441.40.0001
Uterotonic administered within 3 min of birth8031.931976.241472.9<0.001
Fundal pressure was not applied during labour8054.631980.941484.80.0001
  • PMC, primary healthcare centre.