Table 3

Effect estimates with and without adjustment for baseline values of outcome variables1

ModelNot adjustedAdjusted for baseline 1
(before follow-up began)*
Adjusted for baseline 2
(before training began)*
OR95% CLP valueOR95% CLP valueOR95% CLP value
Participants with asthma
†Asthma score‡1.321.08 to 1.610.0061.150.94 to 1.410.1731.241.03 to 1.500.022
Asthma score: start or change treatment§1.301.06 to 1.580.0121.211.01 to 1.450.0411.241.04 to 1.470.014
Asthma score: spirometry§1.371.07 to 1.750.0121.140.85 to 1.510.3841.341.04 to 1.720.023
Participants with COPD
†COPD score‡1.210.94 to 1.550.1421.060.81 to 1.390.6641.150.89 to 1.470.284
COPD score: start or change treatment§1.060.79 to 1.410.6991.200.88 to 1.650.2531.110.82 to 1.510.493
COPD score: spirometry§1.311.00 to 1.730.0531.040.73 to 1.490.8121.240.94 to 1.650.130
Participants with asthma or COPD
Cardiovascular disease newly diagnosed§1.060.80 to 1.400.7051.020.78 to 1.330.9051.050.80 to 1.380.745
Cardiovascular risk assessed§0.950.75 to 1.210.6980.930.80 to 1.90.3800.930.78 to 1.100.404
Diabetes newly diagnosed§1.470.99 to 2.200.0571.451.02 to 2.070.0391.420.94 to 2.120.092
Nicotine or buproprion or nortriptyline prescribed§1.140.83 to 1.550.4191.140.81 to 1.590.4550.130.83 to 1.540.420
Depression newly diagnosed§1.290.82 to 2.030.2661.040.68 to 0.800.8641.220.81 to 1.850.339
Antidepressant treatment started§1.070.83 to 1.360.6071.020.80 to 1.310.8531.060.83 to 1.350.651
Clinic level diagnosis and hospital admission ratiosDifference in means95% CLP valueDifference in means95%CLP valueDifference in means95% CLP value
†New asthma and COPD diagnoses**−0.16−2.29 to 1.980.883−0.36−2.43 to 1.710.7300.50−1.53 to 2.520.622
New asthma diagnoses**−0.26−1.67 to 1.140.705−0.29−1.67 to 1.090.677−0.12−1.27 to 1.510.863
New COPD diagnoses**−0.11−1.06 to 1.280.851−0.15−1.24 to 0.940.7830.14−0.98 to 1.250.808
Hospital admissions for asthma or COPD**−0.08−0.76 to 1.010.8820.23−0.27 to 0.740.354−0.07−0.71 to 0.570.829
  • *Mean values of respective outcome variable in each clinic.

  • †Primary outcomes. Effects estimated with

  • ‡Ordinal logistic regression models.

  • §Logistic regression models.

  • ¶No of new diagnoses or hospital admissions: 1000 adults visiting clinic during the year.

  • **Linear regression models. All regression models adjusted for randomisation strata, and logistic and ordinal logistic regression models also adjusted for intra-cluster correlation of outcomes.

  • CL, confidence limits; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.