Table 1

Study characteristics (n=79)

Number of studies
Quantitative (n=5)Qualitative and other (n=74)
Study type
Year of publication
WHO regions
Public sector
 Bilateral GOs531
 Multilateral GOs524
 Bilateral DFIs00
 Multilateral DFIs54
Private sector
 Corporations and SME06
Third sector
 Non-governmental organisations533
 Professional associations02
 Research centres05
Multisector partnerships
 Global health initiatives58
  • *Personal communications, commentaries, letters and editorials.

  • †Studies include one or more organisations.

  • AFR, African region; AMR, region of the Americas;DFIs, development financial institutions; EMR, Eastern Mediterranean region; EUR, European region;GO, governmental organisation; SEAR, South-East Asia region;SME, small and medium enterprises; WPR, Western Pacific region.