Table 2

Categories of costs included in the financial expenditure analysis

Financial cost categoryCost description
System design and development
System design and development (EIR which is being used)Design and development of the EIR in each country; includes testing the EIRs.
Learning costsDesign and development of first version of EIRs in each country which were later shelved.
Other costs
Back entry costsCosts to enter previous immunisation records of each child from the paper immunisation registers into the electronic immunisation registry.
Peer learning and printing of guidelines (Tanzania only)Printing of guidelines and a visit to Zambia for peer learning exchange.
Labour costs
BID initiative staffBID initiative staff time, including in-country staff time for all project-related activities such as system testing, deployment, supervision and management of the project.
Intervention rollout costs by region/province
Hardware*Tablets and covers, chargers and quick response code/barcode scanners for health facilities.
MeetingsMeetings with government officials to get their buy-in and to plan for implementation in their region/province; includes meetings associated with developing the rollout strategy for the region/province.
TrainingTraining of staff responsible for rolling out the interventions to the health facilities.
DeploymentPer diems, lodgings and transport associated with deployment of the EIR to the health facilities and district immunisation offices. Transport includes vehicles purchased (one for each country) and expenditures for fuel and maintenance of these vehicles; also includes hiring other vehicles used for the deployment.
Recurrent costs by region/province
Internet connectivityAccess to internet for uploading data and transferring data to higher levels.
Data hostingServer for EIR data.
Supportive supervisionPer diems and transport costs for BID initiative staff or Ministry of Health staff to provide supportive supervision to health facilities after deployment of interventions.
PrintingPrinting of barcodes used on immunisation cards.
  • *Includes equipment replacement at a rate of 5% as noted over the project period, which is included in the equipment procurement costs.

  • BID, Better Immunisation Data; EIR, electronic immunisation registry.