Table 3

Total financial expenditures for development and rollout of the EIRs with the related suite of interventions for the period 2013–2018

System design and development
System design and development costs of electronic immunisation registry (in use)US$867 851US$486 965
Learning costs (electronic immunisation registry which was shelved)US$527 644US$427 407
Other costs
Back entry costsUS$84 441US$21 086
Peer learning and printing of guidelines (Tanzania only)US$6242
Labour costs
BID initiative staffUS$1 648 484US$1 851 105
Region / province-specific costs
Rollout costs
HardwareUS$187 232US$158 588US$93 289US$254 424
MeetingsUS$8728US$9783US$7097US$32 470
TrainingUS$33 232US$20 686US$17 148US$29 368
DeploymentUS$146 701US$162 353US$103 617US$445 655
Annual recurrent costs
Internet connectivityUS$16 930US$19 807US$16 301US$20 007
Data hostingUS$9086US$10 630US$8308US$2061*
Supportive supervisionUS$6178US$8786
Total country costs over the project periodUS$4 193 647US$3 573 474
  • *Financial cost only for 3 months. Hence, annual costs would be ~US$8000.

  • †Not tracked separately in the financial records but included in the rollout costs.

  • BID, Better Immunisation Data.