Table 1

Data sources: interviews, stakeholder consultations and documents

Type of intervieweesInterviewsDetails
Legal experts5Incl. four that participate in policy dialogue*
Medical practitioners16†Incl. 11 doctors, three nurses, one hospital administrator and two EMTs; nine from government hospitals, two from a charitable private hospital and five from for-profit private hospitals; five participate in policy dialogue
Police personnel8†Incl. three that participate in collecting evidence used in accident claims tribunals; two senior police officials; one police control room van driver, one from a public hospital police post; two participate in policy dialogue
Taxi drivers10Incl. eight auto rickshaw drivers, two that drive both auto rickshaws and four-wheeled taxis and one Uber driver
Other stakeholders11Incl. two academic researchers, two policymakers, two NGO representatives, two ER stretcher bearers, two ER security guards and one public ambulance administrator
  • EMTs, emergency medical technicians; ER, emergency room; Incl., including; NGO, non-governmental organisation.