Table 2

Number of trial sites and patients by ISN region and representation index

RegionNumber of sitesProportion of sites (%)Dialysis patients
Proportion of global dialysis patients (%)Representation index†
Eastern and Central
4246.957 8702.82.45
Western Europe165826.9249 67112.22.20
North America274844.5443 13921.62.06
Russia and newly
independent states
1432.333 8301.71.36
South-East Asia and
1612.686 5294.20.62
North-East Asia80213.0639 90131.30.41
Middle East821.3103 1245.00.27
Latin America and the
1222.0274 20513.40.15
South Asia190.378 1113.80.08
Africa130.281 0914.00.05
Total6172100.02 047 471100.0
  • *Liyanage et al (2015).1

  • †Equals proportion of sites divided by the proportion of global dialysis patients. Note: Calculations were performed without the rounding displayed in the table.

  • ISN, International Society of Nephrology.