Table 2

The JEE grading and scoring

Capacity grading, colour code and scoreAttribute description
No capacity—score 1 (red)Attributes of a capacity are not in place
Limited capacity—score 2 (yellow)Attributes of a capacity are in the development stage (some are achieved, and some are undergoing; however, the implementation has started)
Developed capacity—score 3 (yellow)Attributes of a capacity are in place; however, there is the issue of sustainability and measured by lack of inclusion in the operational plan in National Health Sector Planning (NHSP) and/or secure funding
Demonstrated capacity—score 4 (green)Attributes are in place, sustainable for a few more years and can be measured by the inclusion of attributes or IHR (2005) core capacities in the national health sector plan-green
Sustainable capacity—score 5 (green)Attributes are functional, sustainable and the country is supporting other countries in its implementation. This is the highest level of the achievement of implementation of IHR (2005) core capacities
  • IHR, International Health Regulation; JEE, joint external evaluation.