Table 4

Results of model fit using generalised estimating equations with a logit link with antibiotics dispensed for paediatric SPs with diarrhoea as the outcome (n=233)

OR (95% CI)P value
History taking
 No of questions asked1.34 (0.94, 1.93)0.29
Pharmacy location
 Urban pharmacyReference
 Rural pharmacy2.54 (0.90, 7.20)0.11
 Patient not referredReference
 Patient referred to another provider0.07 (0.02, 0.25)0.00002
Client volume at the pharmacy
 No customers presentReference
 Customers present1.23 (0.41, 3.70)0.98
Length of interaction
 Less than 1 minReference
 1–3 min1.37 (0.42, 4.48)0.25
Antibiotic dispensed for adult
 Not dispensedReference
 Dispensed6.34 (1.69, 23.82)0.0062
  • ‘Antibiotic dispensed for adult’ refers to dispensing for an adult SP with the same condition at the same pharmacy.

  • SPs, standardised patients.