Table 2

Cost-effectiveness of childhood cancer treatments

StudyYearCountryDiagnosisInputs included in cost analysis*Cost per treated patient (2018 USD)Proportion of patients with 5-year survivalCost per life saved (2018 USD)DALYs averted per treated patient using 3% discountingCost per DALY averted (2018 USD)GDP per capita (2017: latest available, USD)
Multiple childhood cancers
Fuentes-Alabi et al182018El SalvadorAll childhood cancersComprehensive30 0350.4961 2963616993889.31
Renner et al162018GhanaAll childhood cancersComprehensive10 5400.3530 1152711142046.11
Jaime-Perez et al402017MexicoALLMedium24 7880.5545 0693014908910.33
Gao et al312013ChinaALLLow27 2090.50 (5-year EFS)45 3483015058826.99
Gu et al342008ChinaALLLow44 6670.67 (5-year EFS)66 6673022138826.99
Hayati et al352018IranALLMedium16 914Not reportedUnable to calculateQALYs gained per patient (5-year analysis period): 3.7844755593.85
Luo et al462008ChinaALLMedium18 7910.78 (7-year EFS)24 091308008826.99
Luo et al472009ChinaAPLLow24 7040.38 (3.5-year EFS)65 0113021588826.99
Burkitt lymphoma
Denburg et al302019UgandaBLComprehensive14010.55 (2-year survival)257426100606.47
Hesseling et al372003MalawiBLLow2170.35 (1-year EFS 0.57 converted to 5-year OS)6202822338.48
Stefan and Stones 522009South AfricaHLLow73600.769684283466151.08
Waddell et al542015UgandaRetinoblastomaLow10790.37291620146606.47
  • *Comprehensive: ≥10 inputs, Medium: 5–9 inputs, Low: <5 inputs.

  • ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; APL, acute promyelocytic leukaemia; BL, Burkitt lymphoma; DALY, disability-adjusted life year; EFS, event-free survival; GDP, gross domestic product; HL, Hodgkin lymphoma; OS, overall survival; QALY, quality-adjusted life year.