Table 2

Overview of predictors

ThemePredictor# times reported (n=78)
Laboratory testBlood biochemistry tests (eg, PAPP-A, triglycerides, β-hCG and uric acid)16
Urine dipstick2
Blood pressure2
Oxygen saturation1
Maternal characteristicsParity5
Body mass index3
Household monthly income2
Method of contraception1
Skin colour1
Educational level1
Place of residence1
Increase of acanthosis nigricans1
Family history of diabetes1
Weight accrual rate1
Previous pregnancy characteristicsPrevious adverse pregnancy outcome (eg, PPH, macrosomia, stillbirth, preterm)5
Interbirth interval1
Current pregnancy characteristicsGestational age5
Number of antenatal visits3
Chest pain/dyspnoea2
Cervical glandular area1
Umbilical cord complication1
Cervical length1
Antenatal hospitalisation related to current pregnancy1
Labour augmentation1
Headache/visual changes1
Retained placenta1
Length of first and second stage of labour1
Neonatal characteristicsPresentation1
Birth weight1
Apgar score1
  • hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin; PAPP-A, pregnancy-associated plasma protein A.