Table 2

Ranking of global health journals, with respect to inclusion of women and LMIC experts in editorial boards

% FemaleRanking% LMICRanking% Female+LMICRanking
Lancet Global Health0.46230.42330.1922
BMJ Global Health0.40060.31450.1434
Journal of Global Health0.36770.18390.0509
International Health0.250100.25060.0568
Global Health Research and Policy0.29690.64820.1305
Global Public Health0.45240.37140.1613
Global Health: Science and Practice0.46710.20080.1006
Global Health Action0.42950.179100.03610
Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health0.143120.057120.02911
Global Health Governance0.46620.069110.01712
Tropical Medicine & International Health0.242110.24270.0817
Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health0.32380.81510.2921