Table 1

Description of papers included in systematic review of health research in Africa, 2014–2016

Region of paper's focus
 Central Africa3915.5
 East Africa309243.6
 Southern Africa157222.1
 West Africa204528.8
Number of authors on paper
 Single author2814.0
 Multiple authors681996.0
Disease area*
 Epidemic/pandemic prone diseases2783.9
 Neglected tropical diseases2133.0
 Non-communicable diseases2773.9
 Sickle-cell disease220.3
 Mental and neurological disorders3965.6
 Road traffic injuries681.0
Journal coverage
 African, National2723.8
 African, Regional4977.0
Journal's 2015 impact factor
 No impact factor87112.3
 Less than 15337.5
 Greater than 101662.3
Paper's collaborative type
 Only authors from country of focus225431.8
 Authors include individuals from top US university (only)83011.7
 Authors include individuals from USA/Canada but not top US university (only)91612.9
 Authors include individuals from Europe (only)166523.5
 Authors include individuals from other African countries (only)3034.3
 Authors include individuals from multiple outside locales1132
  • *Note, it is possible for a paper to have more than one area of focus or to cover a topic not captured on this list.