Table 1

List of priority life-saving medicines for women and children7

Postpartum haemorrhagePneumonia
 Oxytocin Amoxicillin
 Misoprostol Ampicillin
 Sodium chloride Ceftriaxone
 Sodium lactate compound Gentamicin
Severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia Oxygen
 Magnesium sulfateDiarrhoea
 Calcium gluconate injection Oral rehydration salts
 Hydralazine Zinc
Maternal sepsis Artemisinin-based combination therapy
 Ampicillin Artesunate (rectal, injection)
 GentamicinNeonatal sepsis
 Metronidazole Ampicillin
Provision of safe abortion services and/or the management of incomplete abortion and miscarriage Ceftriaxone
 Procaine benzylpenicillin
 MisoprostolVitamin A deficiency
 Mifepristone+misoprostol Vitamin A
Sexually transmitted infectionsPalliative care and pain
 Azithromycin Morphine
 Cefixime Paracetamol
 Benzathine benzylpenicillinVaccines
Management of preterm labour Vaccines (national schedule)
 Dexamethasone Standard regimen for first-line
 Betamethasone antiretroviral treatment
Prevention of tetanus in mother and newborn
 Tetanus vaccine
 Oral contraceptives