Table 2

List of essential medicines included in the study

1Oxytocin injectableAmoxicillin syrup/suspension
2Sodium chloride injectable solutionAmpicillin powder for injection
3Calcium gluconate injectableCeftriaxone powder for injection
4Magnesium sulfate injectableGentamicin injectable
5Ampicillin powder for injectionProcaine benzylpenicillin injection
6Gentamicin injectableOral rehydration solution sachets
7Metronidazole injectableZinc tablets
8Misoprostol capsules or tabletsACT
9Azithromycin capsules,tablet or oral liquidArtesunate rectal or injectable forms
10Cefixime capsule or tabletVitamin A capsules
11Benzathine benzylpenicillin powder for injectionMorphine granule, injectable, capsules or tablets
12Betamethasone or dexamethasone injectableParacetamol syrup/suspension
  • ACT, artemisinin-based combination therapy.