Table 1

Typology of community health workers3

WhenWhat (illustrative examples)
A. Episodic,12times a year, typically full timeDistribution of preventive chemotherapy drugs for parasitic disease control to general population.
Distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets for malaria vector control to general population.
B. Episodic,36times a year, typically full timeAdministration of oral polio vaccine towards the eradication of polio to children less than 5 years old.
Community mobilisation for health promotion and environmental sanitation activities.
C. Monthly, typically part-timeCommunity-based surveillance and reporting of births and deaths.
Home visits to pregnant women to encourage them to seek skilled antenatal and delivery care.
D. Weekly, typically part-timeHome visits to postpartum women and newborns for health education and screening for illnesses.
Integrated management of common childhood illnesses such as pneumonia and diarrhoea.
E. Daily, may be part-time or full time depending on needDirectly observed therapy for tuberculosis.

Contact tracing for confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease, assistance with outbreak investigation, health promotion and so on.