Table 1

Summary of interviewees in Khan Sen Sok and Khan Po Sen Chey

VMS: Visible medicine sellers (n=16; 10 females and 6 males)Five pharmacists; one doctor running a pharmacy; two doctors who were selling medicines from their clinic; five medicine sellers, of which two were running outlets owned by doctors; one midwife; one nurse; one unqualified seller whose sister is a pharmacist (all qualifications were self-reported and were not verified)
IMS: Invisible medicine sellers (n=5, 4 females and 1 male)One guard at a health centre; one seller who stayed with doctors during civil war; one former pharmaceutical sales representative; one seller whose sister took a pharmacy short course; one nurse
KI: Key informants from study villages (n=14; 5 females and 9 males)Four government health centre staff; four OpASHA community health workers; six village leaders/deputies
  • OpASHA, Operation ASHA.