Table 3

Validated instruments: PHCPI dimensions covered

PHCPI dimensionsValidated instruments
ZA PCATPCAT-MwPESSafeCare Essentials toolICRM ComponentsEUROPEPe-TIQHClient Satisfaction Survey
A1b, cA1c, A3a
B—Inputs(B4)B2B2B1, B2, B3, B4, B5B2
C—Service deliveryC1a,b,(d); C2a,b,c,d; C3(a),(b),c; C4a,(b),(c),d; C5a,b,c,d,e†C1a, b; C3c, C4d, C5.a, b, c, d, eC1c, C2b, C3a, C3cC4b, e; D1 a, b, c, d, e, fC3b, C4a, C4b, C4c, C4eC2b; C4b; C5eC2b; C4b,celements of C2–C5
  • *ZA PCAT bracketed domains and subdomains indicate some coverage at the level of personal primary care; not at a wider community or district health system level - for example, B4 where the ZA PCAT assesses PHC Team member (workforce) availability at primary care clinic level.

  • †See appendix B or for domain names A1-3; B1-5; C1-5; D1; E1-5.

  • e-TIQH, electronic Tool to Improve Quality of Healthcare; EUROPEP, European Task Force for Patient Evaluation of General Practice; ICRM, Ideal Clinic Realisation and Maintenance; PCAT-Mw, Malawian South African Primary Care Assessment Tool; PES, Patient Evaluation Scale; PHPCI, Primary Healthcare Performance Initiative; ZA PCAT, South African Primary Care Assessment Tool.