Table 5

Effect modification of the intervention effect by baseline characteristics

CovariateLevelMean Mullen ELC after programme implementation
Intervention armStandard of care armP value for effect modification
Baseline ELC scoreBelow average (Mullen ELC <85)78.579.2
Average+(Mullen ELC≥85)
Baseline EPDSNot showing signs of depression (EPDS score <12)89.788.5
Showing signs of depression (EPDS score≥12)86.586.50.78
Baseline SSQ-8No CMD (SSQ-8<6)89.788.6
CMD (SSQ-8≥6)85.786.10.51
Baseline PSI-PDparental distress subscaleNot showing signs of distress (PSI-PD<90th percentile)87.788.3
Showing signs of distress (PSI-PD≥90th percentile)
Baseline infant’s age (month)0 to <688.589.1
6 to <1289.686.7
  • ELC, early learning composite; EPDS, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale; PSI-PD, Parental Stress Index parental distress subscale; SSQ-8, 8-item Shona Symptoms Questionnaire.