Table 3

Number of reviews of gender-transformative interventions covering each WHO SRHR domain

WHO SRHR domainPrimary SRHR outcome covered in reviews (n of 39, % of reviews)*
1. Preventing and responding to violence against women/girls18 (46.2)
2. Promoting sexual health and well-being9 (23.1)
3. Promoting healthy adolescence for a healthy future4 (10.3)
4. Helping people realise their desired family size2 (5.1)
5. Health of pregnant women/girls and their new-born infants2 (5.1)
6. Preventing unsafe abortion0 (0)
7. Sexual and reproductive health in disease outbreaks (ie, Ebola and Zika)0 (0)
  • *Additional category created for synthesis: Promotion of Gender Equality and Resulting SRHR Outcomes (n=4, 10.3%).

  • SRHR, sexual and reproductive health and rights.