Table 1

Reviews on engaging men in relation to WHO sexual and reproductive health and rights outcomes and the proportion of which is gender-transformative

WHO SRHR outcomeNumber and percentage of outcomes observed across all reviews (n=462)*Ratio of gender transformative to non-gender transformative
Promoting sexual health and well-being315 (68.2%)1:16.5
Desired family size145 (31.4%)1:12.2
Healthy adolescence116 (25.1%)1:5.8
Health of pregnant women, infants and girls42 (9.1%)1:5.0
Violence against women/girls67 (14.5%)1:1.2
Preventing unsafe abortion2 (0.4%)
Sexual and reproductive health in disease outbreaks (ie, Ebola and Zika)0 (0)
  • *Reviews could cover multiple domains. Percentages of reviews in outcome domains were calculated as a percentage of the total number of reviews (n=462), for example, 315 of 462 reviews (68.2%) contained interventions on promoting sexual health and well-being.

  • SRHR, sexual and reproductive health and rights.