Table 3

Comparison of insulin glargine mark-ups between countries

GhanaIndia (Haryana)IndonesiaChina (Shaanxi)
Lantus Solostar penLantus cartridgeLantus Solostar penBasalin cartridge
MSP (US$)20.721.410.818.44.922.
Stage 1 (%)
Stage 2 (%)33.533.
Stage 3 (%)8.75.325.025.08.715.
Stage 4 (%)
Stage 5 (%)0.00.0**
Cumulative total (%)66.961.6125.479.065.198.3305.428.69.8
Final price (US$)34.534.524.732.78.043.889.526.022.2
  • In some cases more than one glargine product was surveyed, but only a single representative product is shown unless major differences were evident. Note that some products are complete pens and others are cartridges.

  • Stage 1: insurance and freight. Stage 2: clearance charges. Stage 3: wholesale mark-ups. Stage 4: retail mark-ups. Stage 5: sales tax/value-added tax (VAT).

  • *VAT incorporated in stage 4.

  • MSP, manufacturer's selling price.