Table 2

Disposition codes by study arm in Bangladesh and Uganda

Control50 Taka100 TakaControl5000 UGX10 000 UGX
Complete interview (I)353370362377404421
Partial interview (P)227137170175104114
Refusal (R)
Non-contact (NC)000000
Other (O)000000
Unknown household (UH)000000
Unknown other (UO)254216701765799652674
e Unknown e(UO)*178911751242726592612
 Under age577367348897563
 Call did not connect†120 893120 894120 89445 11545 11545 116
 Connected, but no language selection†22 41122 41122 412940093999399
Average cost per complete interview (US$)‡3.763.794.462.943.915.15
  • *Estimated proportion of unknown cases that were age-eligible was 70.4% for Bangladesh and 90.9% for Uganda.

  • †Evenly distributed to each study arm due to randomisation occurring after language selection.

  • ‡Only includes cost of airtime participants spent on survey and airtime incentive, as applicable.