Table 1

Inequality in the proportion of women aged 15–49 years who have their need for family planning satisfied with modern methods by indicator, region and subgroup, 2017

Relative measure
(unweighted pairwise ratio)
Absolute measure
(unweighted average absolute mean difference from highest subgroup category)
Population impact measure
(number of additional modern contraceptive users if all were like the highest subgroup category (000 s))
 Eastern Africa1.511.
 Middle Africa1.192.531.961.680.
 Western Africa1.242.311.531.390.
 Northern Africa1.841.
 South Asia2. 188578736683685
 Southeast Asia1.341.091.051.610.
 Western Asia1.691.371.251.700.
Latin America and the Caribbean
 Central America1.691.071.041.580.
 South America1.
  • Highlighted cells indicate the subgroup with the highest inequality within a region for each measure of inequality used. Subgroup categories are as follows: age (15–19, 20–24, 25–34 and 35–49 years), household wealth (five quintiles), residence (rural or urban) and parity (0 births or one or more births).