Table 2

Study classification of comorbidities

ComorbidityStudy classification
Chronic neurological disorder, asthma, cardiac disease, renal disease, sepsisDocumented clinician diagnosis.
Sickle cell disease, malariaDocumented clinician diagnosis or any positive laboratory result.
HIVDocumented clinician diagnosis or any positive HIV test result (serology or PCR).
Severe malnutritionDocumented severe malnutrition clinician diagnosis or oedema, MUAC <115 mm, WHZ ≤−3 SD.
Acute neurological disorderDocumented meningitis clinician diagnosis of meningitis or history of convulsions or altered level of consciousness based on the AVPU scale.
Diarrhoea with dehydrationDocumented clinician dehydration diagnosis and history of diarrhoea.
  • AVPU, alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumference; WHZ, weight-for-height z score.