Table 1

Results of the champions' self-assessments

Self-Assessment: Do you believe you have the competency to…I cannot currently accomplish thisI can accomplish this with assistanceI can accomplish this without assistance
Describe the objectives and concepts of the teamwork approach?5.56%33.33%61.11%
Assess provincial supply chains and determine areas for improvement?5.56%55.56%38.89%
Advocate for supply chains in public health as an essential component of the Ministry of Health?5.56%83.33%11.11%
Support public health workers in acting as ‘change agents’ and ‘champions’ who promote organisational improvements in health service delivery?5.88%29.41%64.71%
Engage a network of leaders in the targeted provinces across health programme?5.56%55.56%38.89%
Engage a network to collaborate with other participants across public/private-sector health supply chains?5.56%55.56%38.89%
Develop a team action plan to improve the provincial supply chain?5.56%50.00%44.44%