Table 2

The number of frequency in the Sa-seol, in the eight medical journals published during the Kim Jong Un regime (2012–2018), relevant to each of 12 items presented in NHP 2016–2020

Frequency rankingItems on the year
NHP 2016–2020
2012201320142015201620172018Total number of frequencyPercentage
Category of concern
1To facilitate the modernisation of medicine manufacture, medical tools, and production91214141013259727.1Most
To facilitate the production of Koryo traditional medicine1111118127969
2To intensify the development of Juche-oriented medical science and technology2121191824171513522.1
3To strengthen systems for the prevention and monitoring of diseases344138615538.7Medium
4To upgrade the health sector into an information-oriented one57841078498.0
5To improve the technical competency of health workers6787775477.7
6To establish a nationwide telemedicine system and improve operational quality47106446416.7
7To strengthen the capacity of leadership and management in public health135610510406.5
8To improve maternal, child, and aged healthcare7732435315.1
9To strengthen the section doctor system and improve the quality of health service3232547264.2
10To provide a safe and healthy environment3331624223.6
11To develop the capacity for immediate response to emergencies and disasters000001010.2Least
12To strengthen the professional development of midwives for providing quality sexual and reproductive health services000000110.2
  • NHP, National Health Priorities.