Table 4

Difference-in-differences estimates of the impact of benefits expansion in insurance coverage for Green Card on the incidence of catastrophic healthcare expenditures (full sample, in Turkish Lira)

Outcome/thresholdIncidence of catastrophic health expenditures
Change in households experiencing catastrophic costs (%)−1.5** (0.9)−0.8 (0.7)−0.7** (0.4)
Frequency of catastrophic expenses prior to the Green Card reform (%)
Decline in the incidence of catastrophic health expenses (%)192247
X variablesYes
Observations51 425
  • Authors’ analysis of Turkey Household Budget Surveys: 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Robust SEs are in parenthesis. *10%, **5%, ***1% in a one-tail test. See the notes in table 1.