Table 4

Percent distribution of women (15–49) by reason for having CS unmet need but no unmet need using the standard definition, by region

RegionNumber of surveysNumber of women*Unmarried women sexually active in the past 2–3 monthsWomen postpartum amenorrhoeic more than 2 months and less than 24 months postpartum, sexually active in last 3 months, not using LAM and who do not want a birth in the next 12 monthsNon postpartum women, sexually active in the last 3 months, who want a birth in more than 12 months but less than 24 months, who are non-contracepting, not pregnant and not infecundWomen with unknown pregnancy risk status (no information on pregnancy intention or sexual activity)
All seven regions4634 26916.347.434.62.0
West Africa1312 84811.454.730.83.1
Central Africa6672012.156.631.10.7
East Africa9717517.649.431.81.6
Southern Africa3143029.127.641.52.4
Latin America- Caribbean5377837.813.248.50.6
  • *Number of women corresponds to women categorised as having no standard unmet need but CS unmet need.

  • CS, current status.