Table 1

Price elasticity estimates of demand of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) by income quintile for Chile, Mexico and South Africa

Income quintileChileMexicoSouth Africa
Quintile 1 (lowest)−1.49−1.12−1.26
Quintile 2−1.55−1.41−1.20
Quintile 3−1.26−1.24−1.20
Quintile 4−1.29−1.09−1.14
Quintile 5 (highest)−1.29−0.97−0.98
GDP per capita in 2016 (current US$)13 96084505279
  • We derived the estimates for South Africa by regressing the elasticity estimates for Mexico on income quintiles for South Africa. The price elasticity estimates for Mexico are from Colchero et al and for Chile are from Guerrero-López et al.22 67 Source for GDP per capita: World Development Indicators, The World Bank (

  • GDP, gross domestic product.