Table 3

Summary findings for the extended cost-effectiveness analysis of 10% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in South Africa

TotalQuintile 1Quintile 2Quintile 3Quintile 4Quintile 5
T2DM deaths averted*789812601561182018601397
Government healthcare savings (ZAR million)*169038348841031494
Changes in annual tax revenues (ZAR million)54909151021111811911245
Financial risk protection (cases of poverty averted using FPL)*12 1791155559550663630
Financial risk protection (cases of catastrophic expenditures averted)*32 37764557020876064183724
Annual indirect cost savings
(ZAR million)
  • *Estimated over 20 years.

  • FPL, food poverty line (ZAR321 or US$21 per capita per month); T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus; ZAR, South African rand.