Table 3

Consensus on Asia-Pacific research priorities in financing of primary health care, in rank order

Priority rankLevel of incentiveResearch question*
1Community-focused interventionsHow can the poor be protected from impoverishing payments for catastrophic health events, including the purchase of medicines?
2Provider-focused financing modelsHow can service administrators best identify inefficient health expenditure? What strategies can be used to optimise financial efficiency?
3System-level funding policiesHow do different primary health care financing models impact health outcomes?
4Provider-focussed financing modelsHow can we protect the budget allocation for primary health care and ensure it is not consumed by tertiary care?
5Community-focused interventionsWhat financial incentives are effective in encouraging people to preferentially use primary health care?
6System-level funding policiesIn predominantly public systems, where and how can contracting with private providers improve the efficiency of primary care?
7Provider-focused financing modelsWhat incentives are effective in improving the performance of primary care service providers?
8Provider-focussed financing models/system level funding policiesWhat is the relative cost-effectiveness of different models of primary health care, including health workforce skill mix?
9Provider-focussed financing modelsWhat organisational capacity is required by health centres to manage finances at the primary health care level?
10System-level funding policiesWhat are sustainable alternative sources of funds for primary health care, at local and national level (beyond the ministry of health budget)?
  • *The top eight research questions received a median priority score of 4 or 5 (ie, two highest priority levels).