Table 2

Definitions of nine major areas for research consortium (RC) design decisions

Major design elementDefinition
1. MissionThe core purpose and focus of the RC.
2. Area of focusAn RC’s research agenda, the flexibility of the agenda and the geography considered in the RC’s research.
3. Core supportThe functional support mechanisms for the RC.
4. Location of the coreWhere—geographically and in what type of institution—the core is based and whether the core rotates.
5. Choice of leaderThe specific individual(s) designated to hold the position of leader and whether the role is constant or rotates.
6. GovernanceHow decisions are made and how much power the leadership has to make decisions.
7. MembershipThe composition, responsibility and eligibility of members in an RC.
8.Funding source for RC core operationsThe entity or entities responsible for providing the funds used to operate the RC.
9.Funding sources and process for RC researchHow funding for RC research is procured.