Table 1

Table showing whether projects anticipate enhancement in frequency, quality and equity of skilled birth attendance at community and primary level during the study period (Y, yes; N, no)

Project and locationsType of enhancement in routine contact
Frequency of skilled birth attendanceQuality of skilled birth attendance (timeliness)Quality of skilled birth attendance (content)Equity of access to skilled intrapartum careFacility readiness (equipment infrastructure)
Gombe State, north-east Nigeria
Four regions in Ethiopia: Amhara; Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region; Oromia and Afar
Uttar Pradesh
 Better BirthNYYNY
 Sure StartYYNYN
  • SFH-MNH, Society for Family Health Maternal and Newborn Health; SAQIP, State Accountability for Quality Improvement Project of PACT Nigeria; L10K, Last 10 Kilometers Project of JSI Research and Training Institute; COMBINE, Community-Based Interventions for Newborns in Ethiopia–Saving Newborn Lives; MaNHEP, Maternal and Newborn Health Extension Program, Emory University; Manthan, Manthan Project–IntraHealth International; UP-CMP, Uttar Pradesh Community Mobilisation Project, Public Health Foundation of India; Better Birth, Better Birth Project, Ariadne Labs, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health; Sure Start, Sure Start Project of PATH.