Table 4

Association between cluster-level ASHA intensity and number of services utilised, using a multinomial logistic regression model†

No. of servicesExposure intensityPredicted probability
(95% CI)
Marginal effects (95% CI)
No servicesNo ASHA exp.0.113 (0.091–0.135)(Ref)
Some ASHA exp.0.090 (0.073–0.105)−0.024 (−0.049 to −0.002)*
High ASHA exp.0.053 (0.041–0.066)−0.060 (−0.085 to −0.034)***
Some servicesNo ASHA exp.0.659 (0.629–0.690)(Ref)
Some ASHA exp.0.730 (0.709–0.751)0.071 (0.032–0.109)***
High ASHA exp.0.786 (0.756–0.817)0.127 (0.082–0.172)***
All servicesNo ASHA exp.0.228 (0.203–0.252)(Ref)
Some ASHA exp.0.180 (0.160–0.200)−0.047 (−0.078 to −0.016)***
High ASHA exp.0.160 (0.131–0.189)−0.067 (−0.106 to −0.028)**
  • *Significant at p<0.10; **significant at p<0.05; ***significant at p<0.01.

  • †Model controls for the following confounding variables: maternal education, maternal age, caste, religion, parity, household wealth quintile, state and rurality.

  • ASHA, Accredited Social Health Activist.