Table 2

Countries which delivered five or more interventions during ICHEs (2005–2010)

CountryYearNo. of interventions
Nigeria and the Philippines201011
Nigeria, the Philippines and Zambia (×2)201010
Nicaragua and South Sudan20109
Nicaragua, Nigeria and Somalia (×2)20099
Ghana and Uganda20069
Burundi (×2), Mozambique (×2), Rwanda (×2), Sudan and Uganda (×2)20108
Sierra Leone20098
Madagascar, Nigeria and Rwanda20088
Cameroon (×2), DR Congo, Sierra Leone (×2) and Vietnam (×2)20107
Angola, Burkina Faso (×2), Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Togo, Uganda (×2) and Zimbabwe20097
The Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Zambia20087
Indonesia, Nigeria and Zambia20077
Haiti, India (×2), Lao PDR (×2), Madagascar and Somalia (×2)20106
Burundi, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Swaziland, Vietnam (×2) and Zambia (×2)20096
Djibouti, Ghana, Kenya (×2), Mozambique, Nigeria, the Philippines and Zambia20086
Central African Republic (×2), Djibouti, Ghana, Indonesia, Malawi, Nigeria, the Philippines (×2) and Timor Leste (×2)20076
Ethiopia (×2), Ghana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Nicaragua and Zambia (×2)20066
Zambia (×2)20056
Burkina Faso (×2), Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Liberia, Madagascar, Niger and Senegal20105
Burundi, Chad (×2), Ecuador, Guinea, Lao DPR, Korea DPR (×2), Rwanda (×2), Senegal and Zimbabwe20095
Burkina Faso (×2), DR Congo, Ghana, India (×2), Korea DPR, Togo, Tanzania, Uganda (×2) and South Africa20085
Eritrea (×2), Ethiopia (×2), Gabon, Cambodia, Marshall Island (×2), Mali, Nicaragua, Korea DPR, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe20075
Angola, Belize (×2), Kenya, Maldives (×2) and Sierra Leone20065
Burundi, Ethiopia (×2), Ghana, Maldives (×2), the Philippines (×2), Senegal and Uganda20055
  • DPR, Democratic People's Republic; DR, Democratic Republic; ICHEs, integrated child health events; PDR, People's DR.