Table 2

Regional status of IDSR implementation, as of December 2017

IndicatorStatus (n=47)Target (achieved)
Countries implementing IDSR44100% (94%)
Countries that have initiated IDSR training at district level40100% (85%)
Countries that have commenced event-based surveillance (EBS) in the context of IDSR35100% (74%)
Countries providing information on the timeliness and completeness of IDSR reporting34100% (72%)
Countries using electronic IDSR systems33100% (70%)
Countries that have started community-based surveillance (CBS) in the context of IDSR32100% (68%)
Countries that have achieved IDSR timeliness and completeness reporting ≥80%23100% (49%)
Countries that have the desired target of at least 90% IDSR implementation coverage at peripheral health facilities12100% (26%)
  • IDSR, Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response.